On-Call Firefighter - Scarborough & Ryedale 2024

On-call firefighters are trained firefighters who, rather than being based at a fire station, provide on-call cover from home and/or their place of work. They respond to emergencies when their pager alerts them, so must work and/or live within approximately four minutes travel time from the fire station. They travel from their work/home to the fire station, where they then travel to the emergency in a fire engine.


On-call firefighters declare the periods in a week when they are available to respond to emergencies if called upon. During these times they must remain within approximately four minutes travel time of their fire station to provide a response. They also attend a training evening at their station one night a week.


To apply for one of the following stations within Scarborough and Ryedale area, please click apply below.

Robin Hoods Bay


We would encourage you to visit the station you are applying for but if you have not done so, please still complete the application and someone from the station will contact you.


On-Call Firefighter - Scarborough & Ryedale 2024
Job Type: On-call Firefighter
Posted: 27/12/2023
Closing date: 31/12/2024
Closing time: 23:59